Monday, June 2, 2008

Who's a bad bloggger? Bad, Bad Blogger!

Gosh, I guess that's me. I've got some catching up to do . . . and a lot going on, too! My Team in Training group has had two group training runs thus far - I forgot about running in the heat. eeesh, it will be a long summer!

My locals - if you want to do any spring cleaning, I will TAKE your castaways - it's Garage Sale time!! More events and details to come . . . .

I think we've got over 60 people training for either the Maui or the Nike Women's marathon. We have 4 honored teammates - four women who have all survived some sort of blood cancer and are now training to run marathons! It's truly amazing. I have no room to complain about any blisters or heat or sweat . . . (but I still do a little!!)