Monday, February 20, 2012

Always playing catch up!

Since my last post about the Vegas race, I've run another half marathon, a FULL marathon, an awesome FUN color-filled 5K and my fastest 5K to date! And I've recorded none of it. I'm deep in the panic-y final preparations for my first ULTRA event (Ultra-ish), the Ragnar Del Sol Relay where I'm sharing 200 miles with 5 other amazing women ... and I'M SO EXCITED!

I'll catch up on here very soon. I'm working on some new life changes to attempt to regain some balance again (it's always a struggle isn't it?). I just entered a Winter 100 Challenge to win a new Garmin ... fingers crossed! My old Garmin took a big hit when I took a trail fall and it's currently glue-gunned together. An amazing friend gave me her Garmin to replace it but it's battery operated (and not rechargeable) and not uploadable -- and I really love tracking my miles -- so I'm hoping eventually to upgrade. I was easily over my 100 miles and still have another 33+ to go Friday and Saturday of this week before the contest ends.

I hope you're embracing life!