Thursday, November 10, 2011

#Paleo Works!!

How do I know? Because I'm not doing it ... and I feel yucky!

I did SO well for my first 40-some days. And then I got off the mountain and continued a pretty good modified version (mostly Paleo with allowances to go out to eat once in a while) up until my San Francisco marathon. And then well ... while in San Francisco I had a cappuccino muffin (why not? I was going to burn a million calories the next day!) And then I had a granola bar from my swag bag. And then I had a latte with skim milk ...

And then I came home and my Keurig needs to be de-scaled or returned for repairs or something ... and so I had a few MORE lattes. Oh? It's pumpkin bread season? I could have a slice, I *did* run a marathon after all ... slide, slide, slide.

So now I'm sluggish. I've had two starts of colds. I've had heartburn for days and my tinnitus is worse than it has been in a long time. I'm tired.

SO. it could be the change in weather. It could be that I hit my 40 hours this week on Wednesday and I'm stressed to the hilt. It could be I'm worn out from all the running and traveling and stuff. But I'm willing to bet it's mostly diet. Time to get back on track. I guess it will be Monday. I've put a lot of people off while I've been cleaning up and working out. I've got an Ultra Team meeting tonight at a pizza place and I PLAN to have a slice and some vino. I've got plans with a friend for a lovely fondue restaurant (Happy National Fondue Month!) Friday night. And my friend Brad has been patiently nudging me about the Indian Food coupon he bought and we're going Saturday night. Sunday it's crazy Cruiserman race day and then I shop, chop and cook and I'm BACK ON.

Back into the cave!

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